Upcoming Targets

Here you can find the list of the upcoming targets sorted by type. Science Targets are those with only scientific purposes. the data produced on these targets will not be elaborated in any artistic way. Artistic Targets are those which will be elaborated in an artistic way, their primary purpose is the aestethic visualization of the beauties over our heads. Sometimes even artistic targets can contain several scientific informations, therefore every photo produced with artistic purpose will be (very slowly) analyzed for any asteroids, solar system objects and transients. This is the point where your support can make really the difference: we produce a lot of data that we can’t analyze, so, we publish the raw data to encourage the public helping us in the analyzing phase. So if you are interested in astronomy or astrophysics and you need more data to complete a study we are happy to help your research providing everybody the open access to all the data we gather.

available status are: Post processingAcquiring data, Preliminary version released, Planned

Artistic Targets


Science Targets

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