Our modified Canon 5DMarkII.

 We acquire the photons using a special modified digital reflex (DSLR). This kind of devices need to be modified in order to allow them to acquire astronomical images.

After switching several models of Canon DSLR and also testing out the new Sigma SD QUATTRO, we finally decided to use a big and sensible sensor wich can take long exposures at high ISO speed without too much dark noise. Thanks to its wide size we can image big deep sky structures such as the christmas tree nebula framing one single target without the need of creating complex panoramas.


Sensor size: 35.8 x 23.9mm
Pixel size: 6.4µm
Image dimension: 5616 x 3744
Megapixels: 21.1MP


Master Dark

 Here there is our Master Dark that we use to produce our elaborations:

[wpdm_package id=’373′]


This MasterDark was generated using DeepSkyStacker and it’s the mean of 17 CR2 files taken at the mean temperature of 17°C wich is a good mean of the temperatures of the Observatory area.

Download this dark file to check our sensor and do some elaborations 🙂 .

Sensor:  EOS 5D Mark II – Full Spectrum mod
ISO: 2000
Exposure: 500s
Mean T: 17°C
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