Sanderphil Urban observatory was founded in 2013 when Filippo Curti and Sandro Spadaro joined together sharing their experiences and instruments in order to supply the lack of a deep sky observatory in our local amateur astronomers association AAC (Associazione Astrofili Civitavecchiese).
We started sharing our experiences when we didn’t have a stable location yet. Sandro was used to go in dark sites to try to imaging few deep sky objects while Filippo was imaging at his home looking for astrometric data reduction of asteroids and photometry of novae and Supernovae. Each of us had its own instruments. When we started collaborating we unified our vision in order to build a stable deep sky imaging site currently located at Sandro’s house.

Now our mission is to take even better astropics to be shared with the people and encourage stargazers to start taking their own astropics.

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