Actual mount and column

The mount we actually use is an EQ6-Pro. This is one of the mostly common mount in astrophotography. This mount was previously owned by Marco Meniero which fine-tuned its mechanics. It currently runs with PEC corrections, a perfect polar alignment. The pointing and tracking accuracy is increased by mapping (using platesolve techniques) the mount offest in each position of the sky and compensating it through ASCOM.

The heavy-duty column is well designed in order to minimize the vibrations and mantain the correct polar alignment.

The mount is equipped with SynCcan GoTo Computer but we override this controller connecting the mount directly to the computer using an EQ-Direct cable and ASCOM drivers.



This is a typical profile of our guiding system. As you can see the tracking error is maintained below 1″

Mount details:

Weight (head): 16 kg
Payload: max. ca. 20 kg
Drive system: Dual motor with correction
Polar viewfinder: integrated and illuminated
Maximum slew speed: 3.4°/s
Stepper motors resolutions: 0.144″
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