Finally we have an official observatory code!

Our entry in the MPC Observatory codes list

Hello everybody! Near last Christmas we analyzed a lot of minor planets so we applied for an observatory code in order to submit data to the Minor Planet Center.

Some days ago we got our reply. Our observatory official code is L26. During the campaign of data we submitted to MPC for qualification, we observed the in particular following minor planets:

(626) Notburga
(451) Patientia
(1098) Hakone
(478) Tergeste

Now our site is in the official List of Astronomical Observatories here and our code can be used to localize us in applications such as NASA Horizon.

This is another milestone that together with last week APOD, makes our project even bigger from day to day. We want to thank all the people who support our activities and believe in us.

The official MPC circular with our code assignment

Clear Skies.

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