A fast image of Supernova 2018zd

This is a brief image of the recent supernova 2018zd, this image is a single 350s exposure at 6400ISO.

This image was taken the same night as the image that got the APOD. During the same night we aquired also roughly 30 other light exposures targeting M106, we are confident that in some days we can finally post the result of the M106 acquisition campaign.

This year was terrible up to now because of the poor weather conditions that forced us to open only during few nights.

This image is also catalogued in the David Bishop site: http://www.rochesterastronomy.org/sn2018/sn2018zd.html

Unfortunately the target was imaged at a low altitude (just above a neighbor house), making impossible to obtain a precise photometry measurement of its magnitude.

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