Our Moon and Venus conjuction photo selected as NASA APOD!!

It’a a pleasure to announce that today’s NASA APOD is a picture taken by us. Here the description from the NASA official release page:

Posing near the western horizon, a brilliant evening star and slender young crescent shared reflections in a calm sea last Thursday after sunset. Recorded in this snapshot from the Atlantic beach at Santa Marinella near Rome, Italy, the lovely celestial conjunction of the two brightest beacons in the night sky could be enjoyed around the world. Seaside, light reflected by briefly horizontal surfaces of the gentle waves forms the shimmering columns across the water. Similar reflections by fluttering atmospheric ice crystals can create sometimes mysteriouspillarsof light. Of course, earthlight itself visibly illuminates the faint lunar night side.

Thank you and clear skies to everybody who follow and support us. More has to come.

Official NASA APOD release page: https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap180519.html

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