Merry Christmas from Sanderphil! (with a photo release)

Thank you! 

During these days the number of our fans increased a lot, we received a lot of likes and messages. We started sharing seriously our experiences 10 months ago and we didn’t expect such growth. It’s incredible to be able to share with a single click a photo with several thousands of stargazers and curious people. The Sanderphil is an amateur observatory we’re amateurs with a passion in taking astropics and together we still have much to learn and to improve. We always try to do our best with our equipment and freetime in order to share our experience and let everybody to see the wonders of the sky above us even from their smartphones.

We started preparing our instruments in order to be able in the next weeks to cast a live streaming of our astro imaging sessions either on social media and during talks. We’re also thinking about starting an astronomy news feed and blog in a section of our site.

All the photos that are in our FB page and in this site (on the releases archive page) have been acquired under the polluted sky. This is an incredible result that should encourage people interested in astrophotography in taking astropics even when they can’t go under the darkest skies. 

Christmas tree cluster and nebula

We improved drastically our set-up during this year. A month ago we installed the new RC carbon astrograph and now we are considering in adding a wide field imager and a dome. During these winter sessions we had the need to add lens heaters in order to prevent the guider optics to become fogged.

Christmas Releases

Last week we imaged the Christmas tree cluster with associated nebulosity which was an incredible acquisition. To continue in celebrating the christmas holidays, last night we imaged the praesepe cluster. Galileo Galilei first saw this open cluster through a telescope.

Praesepe in latin stands for “manger” and the manger in christianity is associated with the nativity scene. So we wanted to release this photo today in order to wish you the best wishes for this Christmas.

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